May 2003

Joshua Tree

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The building that houses the 200 inch reflector telescope at Palomar National observatory
On the twisty road through Anza-Borrego state park in California
The view toward the Salton Sea which is below sea level
An Ocatillo plant blooming in the desert
An abandoned house at the Salton Sea
Going into Joshua Tree national park from the south
Cactus Garden in Joshua Tree NP
A lone Joshua Tree at my campsite
A view from the mountains at Joshua Tree NP
The sunset from my campsite
A cactus in flower
Joshua trees on a dirt road through Joshua Tree NP
The Skull rock in Joshua Tree NP
Joshua Tree NP
A Chuckwalla lizard about 50cm long
The Tarantula inside the hole by my campsite
The sunset at Joshua Tree
The long road from Joshua Tree to Arizona
A strangely decorated tree out in the desert
The Colorado River near Havasu City in Arizona

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